Laxmi Bai House

Just like Rani Lakshmi Bai; the Indian warrior, Laxmi bai house shows the inspiration, courage and strength. This year too Laxmi bai house has been vibrant and creative.
House captains take up their duties, conduct various group meetings to mentor the participants for presentations and participation of various inter-house competition. With combined talents we form a house of actors, musicians, dancers and painters.
The house has seven teachers and six council members for their guidance. The students are divided into two groups- juniors and seniors. The competitions are prepared and presented with the help of house teacher incharge and other teachers associated. Students take part in a number of academic, cultural and sports events every semester.
Track and field competitions, provided an opportunity to strong athletes to perform to their level best. Team spirit and humility to win or loose have been the values embibe by the students during the celebrations of Biennial sports day at Tyagraj stadium. Vocal competitions like poetry recitation, carol singing and debates have been competitive competitions round the year. Wall magazine and visual competitions have been prepared. Such skills have made everyone proud and put everyone together to strive for excellence.
Laxmi bai students are encouraged to be fearless and confident like the eagle. The aim of the house has been to train students to become independent, responsible and future leaders of the world. The colour GREEN promotes calmness and a sense of relaxation and is great for encouraging long-term concentration. It is the most aesthetic and natural colour for the eye. The green colour at the bottom of our National flag represents fertility, faith and prosperity. It is a colour that stands for life, success, happiness and the house embibed all these qualities in it.

The motto of the house is, ’there is no dream that is too big to achieve. We may falter and fail, and may struggle in dust, but remember we’re always united as one.
Quote by Lakshmi bai, “If defeated and killed on the field of battle, we shall surely earn eternal glory and salvation.”