Co-curricular activities

Co- Curricular Activities foster positive character traits in students. Pursuing any activity of choice encourages self –discipline, diligence & confidence. These traits also reflect in the student’s intellectual pursuits & can lead to effective study & work habits.
Music is about communication, creativity & cooperation. Learning music in school provides students with an opportunity to build on these skills, enrich their lives & experience the world from a new perspective.
We at St .Paul’s School provide training in both Vocal Indian Music and English Music to our students.

Trained teachers provide coaching in the following Instruments:-
Western Instrumental : Guitar ,Drums, Violin, Key Board
Indian Instrumental: Harmonium, Tabla , Flute

Dance is another form of art that allows one to express oneself. It is also a form of exercise and gives physical & mental refreshment. We have introduced both Indian and Western Dance forms for our students.