Shivaji House

Shivaji is one of the four houses of St Paul’s School. This house is an eponym of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj who was a skillful diplomat, a valiant soldier and an enlightened administrator. Shivaji Maharaj possessed innumerable qualities like leadership, fearlessness, chivalry, boldness and courage and, so do the students of Shivaji House. It’s colour is scarlet red, and it’s element is fire.

The colour red is the colour of both love and hate, it symbolizes boldness and power and represents the values of Shivaji Maharaja perfectly. Loyalty, harmony, fortitude and determination are displayed by the students of this house. In the Independence Day celebration of 2022, we won the title of The Best Marchpast 2022.

We also bagged the second position for the Christmas Bulletin Board competition 2022. Surely, Shivaji house is where one would find the pluckiest, most daring, ambitious and academically successful students with countless achievements across diverse domains.

As Shivaji Maharaja famously said “Never bend your head and always hold it high’’ we, the students of Shivaji House have always held our head high and will continue to do so